TR Spotlight: Aisha

Refresh Uplift Embrace With Aisha! self care to take care of others.  Ponytail athletic hat for women with wider brim

refresh uplift embrace with aisha! self care to take care of others.  Ponytail athletic hat for women with wider brim


To take care of myself I exercise! I love taking group fitness classes.  Body pump, interval training, and barre class are my weekly favorites.  Fun music, other people around to push me, and it always brings mind clarity.  Right when class starts, I instantly feel a release of endorphins.  Feeling strong boosts my self-confidence and makes me smile. 

To refresh I like to journal on my rooftop.  It's peaceful with a beautiful view.  Writing down my thoughts, worries, and goals help free my mind of stressors.

To destress I love to paint! It allows me to stop working on my ever-evolving to-do list and get creative.  I don't have to think about work or talk to anyone.  I get to zone out and not involve technology. 

Recently, I was in back-to-back meetings at work and starting to get low energy.  My colleague surprised me with a homemade açaí bowl! She's in a wheelchair so everything she does takes more effort.  That act of kindness brightened my day and prevented my hangry side from coming out.


Aisha's Self Care:  Group fitness classes, Rooftop Journaling and Painting! 


Brighten Someone's Day:  Surprise someone with a homemade treat! 



Today I will take care of myself so I am able to take care of others, refresh uplift embrace, truer athletic wear

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