A little bit about us

Our Mission

is to serve women with simple innovation and to create pieces that become important reminders to live a love-fueled life.  We want our headwear to inspire women to refresh themselves so they are able to uplift and embrace others. 

Our goal
is to provide headwear that enhance women lives with top quality, comfort, and functionality.   




golf hat for women, ponytail hat, truerue athletic wear, fashion hat

golf hat for women, ponytail hat truerue athletic wear, headwear for women


Our Story  Our founder, Kristen Rue, was constantly spending time in the sun while pursuing her professional golf career.  Kristen is huge into sun protection and was always on the lookout for a hat that had better coverage while still being cute.  

Unable to find a hat like that she resorted to wearing visors.  her visor had a wider brim and allowed her to wear her hair in a high bun. It wasn't until playing on the Australian Tour that she noticed the top of her head kept getting burnt.  That was not going to do, so the desire to have a hat with a wider brim that also allowed a high bun was sparked!  

Never intentionally trying to design this hat Kristen found herself day dreaming of how it could be done.  These moments kept occurring and when she had finally dreamed up "the one" she was planning on just making it for herself.  She decided that if this is a hat she has been wanting than maybe other women need it too! Which started the process of creating TrueRue Athletic Wear.

Kristen designed the headwear to provide better sun protection and versatility for the everyday- active woman.  She also wanted the headwear to inspire healthy living and to stand for something bigger.  Refresh, Uplift, and Embrace are the true mission of TrueRue.  These words stood out to Kristen not just because the acronym is her last name, but it is something that can improve every life.  She believes there is power in self care because it results in caring for others.  








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