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refresh uplift embrace with Alivia, TrueRue Athletic Wear, ponytail hat for women with wider brim, designer hat for women, technical headwear, wide brim hat

As a constant traveler I get the opportunity to learn new ways to refresh myself and de-stress.  Life can get busy, but I've learned that busy isn't the word for me.  I like calling my life full.  Full of working hard, kind people, time in the car, plane rides, time on the golf course, meeting new people, and enjoying all the little places that life takes me.  In the midst of traveling I don't get to relax quite the same way that I get to when I'm home but when I do I am quite thankful. Spending time outside is one of my main ways of relaxing.  I love sunflowers, hot lemon water, gardening, baking and a good cup of coffee.  All of these things bring joy to my life! 

When it comes to gardening, taking the chance to dig my hands in the dirt, planting some seeds, and getting to invest in something that will soon enough reap a beautiful and delicious harvest is a joy of mine that is hard to explain.  Gardening is a lot like life, it's a process to grow and build what you want.  You get to learn things, take time to think, and be creative with what you want to cook from what you've planted.  Gardening refreshes my soul and I hope that is something you get the opportunity to try out as well. 

When life gets full, take the time to plant a seed, water it everyday, and enjoy what blooms from what you've sowed. 

Take a morning, find a place to walk, grab coffee and a cookie leaving the phone at home and enjoy the beauty of wherever you are. Until you feel moved, bloom right where you are planted. 

In what I do I find myself in a number of different cities staying with a different host family every week.  This last week I had the opportunity to stay with a lovely couple named Doug and Victoria.  They were not only extremely kind and hospitable but also funny and enjoyable to be around.  When my friend and I were about to get on the road to go to our next location Doug and Victoria had packed up healthy little snack bags for us to take on our road trip.  It was a simple gesture but so appreciated that they would take the time to do that.  

Doug and Victoria were next-level hosts and I hope I can open up my home to guests as well as they did this last week. 


Alivia's Self Care: Gardening, Slow mornings with coffee, doing things that bring joy. 

Brighten Someone's day: Be the best host ever! make a lasting impression with a simple gesture such as a snack bag for their travels home. 


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