What Might be Missing from your Self Care

TrueRue athletic Wear ponytail hat for women, athletic hat, self care, yogaWhen we think about self care maybe an Epsom salt bath, mani-pedi, or massage comes to mind first!  Boy do we love all of those things!  Although, sometimes when we do these awesome "treat your self" days we don't end up feeling any better.  Even more annoying is when we get a couple days off from work to go on vacation expecting to feel all refreshed, but the vacay ends and we don't feel anymore rested than if we hadn't vacationed at all!! Whats with that. 

Maybe It's not always what we are doing but what we are thinking about.  Recharging our thought life could be key to feeling better.  One thing that can be a trap to our self care is scrolling through social media while we are supposedly taking time for ourselves.  Instead of focusing on how awesome the food tastes during lunch break we tend to be consumed with social media.  Not saying it can't be done, but its a fight to keep thoughts of comparison, feelings of inadequacy and wanting to buy something away while browsing our friends and influencers awesome photos.  Instead of feeling rested and recharged its possible to feel more anxious and less satisfied with ourself.  How are we supposed to then go out and be a light to someone else when we feel crappy about ourselves.  Thats why self care is so important.  If we don't take self care seriously there is no energy left to help out others.    

It can be really really really hard to quit social media cold or even limiting it. That is why we challenge you to just throw it out during your designated self care time.  Easy to do when you schedule a time for self care each day! During this designated self care time watch your thoughts to get the most refreshment.  If the thought is not beneficial to you then throw it out. When we assess our thoughts with honesty we realize that they aren't always beneficial. Now it's time to do something about that. Take control of your resting time and don't let a silly thought derail your body from the rest it needs.

 Cheers to thinking beneficially babe! 


xoxo TrueRue 



Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable- if anything is excellent or praiseworthy- think about such things. 

Philippians 4:8









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